Bring Your Own Phone to Tracfone

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If you have an iPhone and want to take advantage of TracFone prepaid minutes, you can do so without having to switch phones. When you Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) to TracFone, you can get the service you want if it is compatible. If you are not sure if your phone is compatible with the TracFone service, here is a list of compatible smartphones;

  • GSM iPhone
  • AT&T iPhone
  • Verizon iPhone
  • Some CDMA Technology phones
    To see if your iPhone is compatible, you will need to visit the site and choose the “GET STARTED” option which provides the answers.

SIM Card ?

If you need SIM card, you should click the “GET STARTED” option here and you will be provided with the necessary details. Keep in mind that the SIM card you need will have to be compatible with your current service. This means for those with an Unlock GSM iPhone or AT&T iPhone, the SIM card will depend on the service your currently subscribe. Here’s what you will need if you have the following:

  • AT&T Service: AT&T SIM Card
  • T-Mobile Service: T-Mobile SIM Card
  • Verizon Service: Verizon SIM Card
  • CDMA Compatible LTE Phone: Tracfone CDMA Compatible BYOP SIM Card. If you are able to register your CDMA phone and not asked for the SIM number, it’s possible that your phone is not LTE. Remember, you can go to this website, select “GET STARTED”, and follow the steps to place an order to get what you need.
  • BYOB iPhones
    If you have the right iPhone, then you can start the process of getting it ready to switch, so you can use TracFone prepaid minutes.
  • Check the device iOS version
  • Connect to Wi-Fi: Settings > General > Software Update
    If the response is, “Your software is up to date”, proceed to Step 2. If not, the response will be “Download and Install”.
  • Update device to receive the latest Carrier Bundle
  • Check to see if phone has latest Carrier Bundle
    The latest carrier bundle will be confirmed when you see the letters TFW displayed on the top left corner, next to the signal bars. When that is complete, choose from one of the following selections;
  • Carrier Bundle Installed: Turn off Wi-Fi, open Safari, check to see data connection is working. If not installed, go to Step 3.
  • Carrier Bundle Not Installed: Go to Step 3
    With the Wi-Fi off, go to a few websites to determine if the data is working properly. If it is not working, then you will need to call Customer Service.
    You’ll want to check to see if an APN profile exists, to do so, follow the instructions;
  • Settings > General > Profile
    If the device does have the data profile, you are ready to go. If the device is still not working, then you will need to call customer service.
    That’s all it takes to setup your iPhone and receive TracFone prepaid minutes as part of your new plan with TracFone Wireless. If you have any questions, please call customer service and they will walk you through any issues.

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