#1 Tracfone Plan 2020

Here’s how you get the best deal on the #1 tracfone plan of 2020. By purchasing 3 of the $15 refill cards which will get you 1500 minutes, 1500 text messages, 1500 data plus 90 days of service, you will get the most for your money. Now I am going to show you how you buy it.

On your computer go to the tracfone website here and click ” Refill ” from the menu. The next window will be ” Refill Your Airtime Service” which will give you two options. Select the option on the right which reads ” I need to purchase an airtime service plan ” Now enter your 10 digit tracfone number. The next window which reads ” Plans” select the Add button on the $15 Service Plan. The next window will say ” Add more value to your purchase” select the ” Continue ” button and the next window will give you an option to sign into your online tracfone account. Choose “Skip this step” which will bring us to the ” Checkout” window. Hang on we’re almost done! Now in the orders detail window change the 1 to 3 and hit enter key. This will allow you to purchase 3 $15 plans. Enter in your payment information and click the “PROCESS PAYMENT” button. That’s it you’re done.