Tracfone Smartphone Set-up Guide

 So you found a Smartphone that you wish to use with Tracfone’s wireless service. The next step is activation so that you can surf the internet without your home wifi. With a few quick steps, you’ll be speaking and texting in minutes. Go to tracfone’s website ( to get started. You’ll be requested to go into your smartphone settings to find the imei/meid/serial number. This can also be found on the activation card that came with the telephone. On your device this can be found in setting under about this phone. Once you have the IMEI MEID or Serial number you will enter this information. Click next and the following window will show you the service options available for your device. You can pick any of the prepaid airtime plans.

      The pay as you go plans are the lowest cost most affordable monthly plans that exist. You can find cheap plans here. I of course prefer the yearly plans . You just can’t beat Tracfone’s pricing with so many options available. The smartphone plans start at 30 days. They may encompass two hundred to three hundred minutes and 1,000 texts and charge a fee of around $15 to $20. The 60-days plans can will also include 1000 text messages, 500 to 750 minutes with a fee of $25 to $35. The ninety-day plans consist of 750 minutes with the selection of 1000 or 1,500 texts for $45 to $50. The 1 year service plan consists of 1,500 minutes 1.5gb data and 1500 text messages for a $125.00. All telephone plans include a data plan that range from 500mb to 2gb. An extra gb of data is $10,  for 1000 text messages it will cost you $5 and it’s 500 minutes for $10. No wireless retailer can beat that!

         Once you finish adding the plan just restart your device, your done!